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Your kidneys are to be used to extract poisons from his blood as well as yours. But, you are ensured that in nine months, he will be healthy and ready to be unplugged from you. Are you morally obligated to help him? All people have a right to life, including this violinist, but you also have a right to decide what happens in or to your body. Having the right to life does not imply that one also has the right to get all assistance needed to keep living. Therefore, forcing you to be used as life support would be outrageous and wrong-you must be allowed a choice.

Abortion Is Morally Permissible Essay

It is nice to help others in need but you do not have to agree to something so extreme. From this analysis, we can conclude that a woman is not morally obligated to grant a fetus the right to use her body in order to continue its life. She must agree to this of her own free will. Because of this, her argument is only strong enough to support that pregnancies resulting from rape may be permissibly aborted. However, as mentioned before, she explains that a right to life does not always entail that one must be given the bare minimum of what is needed for life to continue.

Little goes even further than Thomson to say that when regarding abortion, the question that is really being asked to address is about the ethics of gestation. Even if a woman seemingly deploys an offensive or trivial reason for aborting a fetus, she is not necessarily obliged to continue the pregnancy. These are similar to the reasons people deploy as a basis to honorably decline when one does not want to have sex or enter a marriage. Under her argument, it is permissible to receive an abortion because of the issues that the personal nature of gestation can create.

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During the gestation period, a mother provides her fetus with the necessary aid for its continued life. She not only provides her body as a home for the fetus, but also donates nourishment, blood, oxygen, and hormonal triggers for its development. Therefore, the intimacy of pregnancy in regards to the body, like sex and the intimacy of motherhood relational, like marriage are deserving of respect when assessing the moral obligations of the mother to the fetus.

In a sense, gestation belongs to a woman because the essential resources needed for the process are hers. Many women decide to abort because they do not think bringing a child into the world is the right thing to do-as opposed to just not wanting the child. Those who abort for this reason actually do it because of the worry that bringing about a life would violate their ideals of creation and parenthood and not because they feel the child would have a life not worth living. No one wants to bring a person into existence that they cannot take care of and show love for-or mark them with the burden of rejection or disrespect that can come out of giving a child up for adoption.

What if a mother lives in a third world country where violence is a normal occurrence? What if bringing a life into this world goes against the norms of respect a woman has for creation? We must show respect for the possibility that a child may not have a bright future ahead of them. Thomson believes that if a mother will die as a result of seeing her pregnancy through, then aborting should not be viewed as murder. She has the right to defend her life-both she and the fetus are innocent and no one is at fault in this situation.

She reveals in the end of her analysis that she was merely pretending throughout that a fetus is a person from conception on. According to her, early abortion does not deal with a person, therefore no killing is involved and abortions are permissible during this part of pregnancy.

The Ethics of Abortion

Little goes even further to say that even those who are responsible for procreating would not be committing murder when getting an abortion. The woman is responsible for introducing a life and with a life comes a set of vulnerabilities and needs.

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But she is not responsible for the person being needy because she did not cause the fetus to be more vulnerable than it would have been if she did not procreate-for if she had not, the fetus would not exist at all. I also fail to see a reason why abortion is considered an act of murder rather than an act that unfortunately leads to the death of the fetus. In conclusion, a pro-choice position on abortion rights does not entail that abortion is necessarily a right or morally neutral act.

Abortion results in a loss that can provoke feelings of regret or grief. But sometimes the necessary actions that could help these cells develop into a person would significantly affect in a negative manner the life of someone who is already living and are therefore permissibly declined. The action of aborting is not necessarily indecent though-it can be said that decent actions can result in a loss.

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