Do you have what it takes?

People who are shy, modest, have complexes, unfortunately will not be able to enjoy this sport. Those who are engaged in cheerleading make new friends, improve their figure shape, and go to performances and competitions. This cheerleading is a sport essay will give you all information.

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And by the way here you can find other good essays that will be useful for you. Cheerleaders accompany different kinds of sports, but at the same time, cheerleading is an independent sport. It hosts a variety of competitions. Originally the American television broadcast cheerleading competitions.

Now we can see it in almost any country. In total there are about 6 million cheerleaders worldwide. If you're a cheerleader then you're successful, beautiful and popular. Cheerleading originated in the USA in the ies and has gained the most widespread by the mid-twentieth century. The first club group of support was organized in New Jersey at Princeton University in But all count that the year of birth of cheerleading is That year the season for the football team of the University of Minnesota did not work out.

Before the next game at the University was held a meeting which was attended by students from all faculties. One of professors put forward a brilliant scientific argument in favor of spectator support of athletes at competitions. He argued that the incentive of several hundred students focuses on positive energy, which is directed at the team and helps it win. Unfortunately, contrary to all expectations, the team of the University of Minnesota defeated with the score Is such support has not worked?

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It had to come up with something else. And then there was Johnny Campbell. He was a first-year student of the medical faculty.

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He can be called the first cheerleader. Johnny explained that someone needs to lead the chanting, and slogans should be varied. Thus, in the United States originated cheerleading. It's hard to believe, but in the beginning this sport was more popular among the strong half. In the late ies, when the men returned from the front in cheerleading have been added such elements as turning and twisting.

Gymnastic elements are usually performed by men while the girls danced.

Do you have what it takes?

This was the beginning of the formation dance teams. In it was founded the European cheerleading Association ECA , which took into its hands the leadership of the cheerleaders movement in Europe. The first European championship of cheerleading was held in in Germany, in Stuttgart. In was founded the International Federation of Cheerleading IFC , where then entered Japan in addition to the countries which are members of the European Association, where in was held the first world championship of cheerleading. It just seems that the cheerleaders only fill the breaks in sport matches.

In fact, the main mission is to cheer and support athletes of their favorite team, and also to remove the aggression of the fans and add optimism. To do this, the cheerleaders have to wave pompons to attract the attention of viewers, clap hands with pompons over their head showing fans a sample. Also they dance with the acrobatics complex, chant chants to appeal fans to support the team, shout out slogans to increase morale of the athletes and inform the audience about news of the match with banners.

Cheerleading consists of two directions. There are cheer and dance. Cheer is the pyramids, tumbling, jumps, loud and clear chants, pompons and stunning dynamics.

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  5. Dance is a beautiful dance movements, unusual choreography, splits and incendiary energy. To become a cheerleader you need to dedicate yourself to this sport. On the first day we went out and performed everything we had to perfection with one mistake. Our mistake was that when one of our members was tumbling, she fell and touched the mat on her way down. This is a major deduction. Because we are in the senior she bracket, we performed last, at PM. This meant that we would have to wait until PM to find out our placing for day 1. We were all so anxious to see how we did and how we ranked against the nation's best teams.

    Our coach got the scores and we were in first with a 20 point lead!

    We were all ecstatic but then quickly composed ourselves because we knew that there was still another day of competition. On day 2 we went into the arena with our heads held high and a sense of Achievement an responsibility on our backs. We had to be better than we were before and make everyone know that we could do it. We were there to represent everything that our gym stands for and make a name for our team. We had to be a team that the younger girls at our gym could look up to and be proud of.

    We knew that no matter what the outcome was that we had to be mature young women and handle ourselves with class. The time came quickly and before I knew it we were running out onto the stage in front of everyone. The lights were shining in our hopeful eyes, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. This was it. We had worked 9 months for this moment. There were no second chances. We had the next 2 minutes and 30 seconds to prove ourselves.

    The moment of silence before our music starts is almost unbearable. In that moment you have to put all of the energy you possibly can into every motion, every jump, every facial expression that you can. You can't hold back at nationals. The routine starts and were performing like we never have. It's our time to shine and were taking full advantage of it. Our mistakes from yesterday were corrected and made even better today.

    During the routine I caught a glimpse at my coach. She was crying. We had made her proud. In that moment, we all knew. We knew that we had given everything we possibly could and we knew that our fate was in the judges hands. It was over, and we couldn't change anything. At the end of the routine all 20 members of the team were in a huddle on the floor, crying because we knew what we had achieved.

    We made our way to the awards ceremony, as hopeful as we'd ever be. Placements were being announced and we were getting nervous. They were announcing the top 10 teams and our name still hadn't been called. With our hands all interlocked with white knuckles, we moved on to top 3. We were all so nervous and our hearts were beating so quickly. Even the sound system was a heart beat to increase the nerves. Third place was called - not us. It all came down to this. Second place was called Not us! We couldn't contain our emotions.

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    We had won. We were national champions. The tears were rolling down our faces as we all jumped up to hug each other. I have never experienced a feeling like that in my entire life.