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Other food jobs like designer, photographer, consultant, or menu developer provide alternatives to traditional restaurant chef jobs. Nutritionists and Dieticians are also in-demand professionals that consult within the food service industry.

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Think outside the box when it comes to forming your job outlook and consider an advanced degree that might expand your employment possibilities. Advanced degree holders start at higher pay rates and advance more quickly through the hospitality ranks. Associates Degrees in Culinary Arts are the most often sought programs among committed chef candidates.

The curriculum includes kitchen theory and classical foundations, but the bulk of your time pursuing this degree will be spent in hands-on cooking scenarios. Students learn how to prepare classic dishes in all categories including seafood, meat, banquet, and pastries. Cuisine of various localities is dissected to provide an understanding of Asian, Latin, Mediterranean and American food traditions.

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Wine studies are included to impart a general understanding of gastronomic pairings. Foundations in management like cost analysis and menu development are often taught as a well-rounded exposure to facets of the industry that might be encountered by students who hope to eventually open their own restaurants.

Upon completion of a Culinary Arts Degree program, graduates will be able to:. Diplomas or Certificates in Culinary Arts deliver culinary technique and skills that are often focused in a particular area of the culinary arts. For working cooks, certificates bridge the gap between classical technique and industry-best-practices. The duration of study is usually one year or less, and graduates are issued a certificate of completion to illustrate their achievement. General culinary certificates are designed to prepare you for entry level employment in a commercial kitchen.

Such programs provide a culinary foundation for graduates to reference as they climb the kitchen ladder on the job.

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Other Certificate programs are narrowly focused and supply intensive training in a particular area of the culinary arts. Working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge base are great candidates for this type of study that elevates a particular area of kitchen expertise.

Moving from one career phase to the next might prompt a chef to expand his or her education in a direction that will help them achieve success in the field. Chefs take management courses that help them transition into restaurant ownership roles. Without his help, I would never be where I am today.

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He has given me his passion to continue on into this field and it is something I will always want to do. No matter how much baking stays the same, you have so much endless possibilities on the types of things you are able to create and the creativity of a cake design and that is what I love so much about it. After college, I would like to continue on and someday own my own business whether it is a bakery, a cake store, or even a restaurant.

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I know that whichever it may be, I will be very successful at either one of these things because I know I have the determination and willpower it takes to succeed. My devotion towards this is something rarely seen in a seventeen year old, and it is something I am very committed to doing.

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