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Angelaki Volume 21, - Issue 2. I came to the big city relatively late in life. Cities seems to me places suited entirely for the young. Americans, generally speaking, tend to go in for easy explanations of why crime rates rise and fall. Chief among them is the Poverty Theory of Crime. This explanation popped up again at a dinner party the other night.

We were….

Guilt, race, and our block of petty crime

Ever since I moved to the inner city one thing has puzzled me more than any other, and that is how my low-income neighbors get by. That is, until now. My wife and I have different perspectives on the youth violence epidemic that currently plagues our urban neighborhood. She thinks some of the miscreants could be helped by more targeted after-school programs staffed by caring adults.

I think there are…. I was for drug screening welfare recipients before I was against it. Millions for defense, but not a cent for tributane. Or psilocybin. Or any other controlled substance, for that matter. These days most….

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One of the few coherent demands of the Occupy Wall Street mob is free college education. In normal situations embracing the latest technology is a no-brainer. The telephone was an obvious step up from smoke signals and African drums.

The personal computer left the typewriter eating dust. But when it comes to the switch from paper….