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Deforestation is the second largest anthropogenic human-caused source of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere after fossil fuel combustion , ranging between 6 percent and 17 percent, according to a study published in in Nature. Carbon isn't the only greenhouse gas that is affected by deforestation. Water vapor is also considered a greenhouse gas. Changes in their atmospheric concentration will have a direct effect on climate. Deforestation has decreased global vapor flows from land by 4 percent, according to an article published by the journal National Academy of Sciences.


Even this slight change in vapor flows can disrupt natural weather patterns and change current climate models. Forests are complex ecosystems that affect almost every species on the planet. When they are degraded, it can set off a devastating chain of events both locally and around the world.

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Loss of species : Seventy percent of the world's plants and animals live in forests and are losing their habitats to deforestation, according to National Geographic. Loss of habitat can lead to species extinction. It also has negative consequences for medicinal research and local populations that rely on the animals and plants in the forests for hunting and medicine.

Water cycle : Trees are important to the water cycle. They absorb rain fall and produce water vapor that is released into the atmosphere. Trees also lessen the pollution in water, according to the North Carolina State University, by stopping polluted runoff. In the Amazon, more than half the water in the ecosystem is held within the plants, according to the National Geographic Society. Soil erosion : Tree roots anchor the soil. Without trees, the soil is free to wash or blow away, which can lead to vegetation growth problems.

The WWF states that scientists estimate that a third of the world's arable land has been lost to deforestation since After a clear cutting, cash crops like coffee, soy and palm oil are planted. Planting these types of trees can cause further soil erosion because their roots cannot hold onto the soil.

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Both countries share the same island, but Haiti has much less forest cover than the Dominican Republic. As a result, Haiti has endured more extreme soil erosion, flooding and landslide issues. Life quality : Soil erosion can also lead to silt entering the lakes, streams and other water sources. This can decrease local water quality and contribute to poor health in populations in the area. The disturbance of native people: Many native tribes live in the rainforests of the world, and their destruction is the destruction of these peoples' homes and way of life.

For example, the film "Under the Canopy" takes a look at the Amazon rainforest and the people who live there, including an indigenous guide named Kamanja Panashekung. Sanjayan, Conservation International's executive vice president and senior scientist, said in a statement.

Many believe that to counter deforestation, people simply need to plant more trees. Though a massive replanting effort would help to alleviate the problems deforestation caused, it would not solve them all. Reforestation won't completely fix the damage, though. For example, Daley points out that forests cannot sequester all of the carbon dioxide humans are emitting to the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels and a reduction in fossil fuel emissions.

It is still necessary to avoid buildup in the atmosphere. Reforestation will not help with extinction due to deforestation, either. In addition to reforestation, some other tactics are being taken to counteract or slow deforestation. Some of them include shifting the human population to a plant-based diet.

This would lower the need for land to be cleared for raising livestock. Improving the health of these forest ecosystems and introducing sustainable management practices increase the resilience of human and natural systems to the impacts of climate change.

Deforestation Essay – Effects of De-forestation

Forest landscape restoration FLR Nature-based solutions such as forest landscape restoration FLR can help countries reverse the effects of deforestation and degradation and regain the ecological, social, climatic and economic benefits of forests. FLR brings people together to identify and implement the most appropriate restoration interventions in a landscape.

It seeks to accommodate the needs of all land users and multiple land uses. FLR is not just about planting trees — it can include multiple activities like agroforestry, erosion control and natural forest regeneration. FLR also addresses the underlying drivers of forest loss. For example, it provides farming communities living in and around forests with knowledge on sustainable agricultural methods that do not rely on destroying forests. Countries and other land owners are committing to FLR through the Bonn Challenge — a global effort to restore million hectares of degraded and deforested land by and million hectares by , launched by IUCN and Germany in The Bonn Challenge has so far generated pledges from governments and organisations to restore over million hectares.

ROAM helps governments and decision makers use FLR interventions to meet multiple national priorities and international goals on climate, biodiversity and land degradation.

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For example, a ROAM assessment in Malawi helped the government introduce sustainable agricultural systems to address food insecurity. In Colombia, FLR interventions have supported the rehabilitation of landscapes after decades of conflict. Over half of the tropical forests worldwide have been destroyed since the s , and every second, more than one hectare of tropical forests is destroyed or drastically degraded. The degradation and loss of forests threatens the survival of many species, and reduces the ability of forests to provide essential services.

Deforestation and forest degradation impact the lives of 1. Nature-based solutions such as forest landscape restoration FLR can reverse the effects of deforestation and degradation and regain the ecological, social, climatic and economic benefits of forests. What is the issue? Why is it important? What can be done?