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Good Essay Topics. Whether or not children should be given pocket money is an issue that is often neglected and dismissed Kids should get pocket money because it is a way of teaching them the value of money and the cost of living.

In giving your children pocket money it is believed to encourage independence and decision making. We live in a society where money is a big issue, money is absolutely necessary for our survival in world.

How to write essay Pocket money should be given to children by Rachna Gupta

Our retirement, shelter, entertainment and life essentials all require money. In order to achieve these things you must have money, and know how to save money. By giving them pocket money it will help them to understand the concept of saving.

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Giving your child pocket money at an early age you can teach them how to save. Saving money at a young age will become a habit as they grow older. This will benefit them because they learn a valuable skill. It would much harder for them to save then. Another example is for our Retirement, it requires money.

I think working is a good motivation to save the money for something they really want, for a example a computer game or a trip to Disneyland. To sum up it is no big deal to give a hand in the household for money.

IELTS essay: the advantages and disadvantages of pocket money

Sure, if someone has to learn for school the parents would understand that. School is the most important thing, the mainwork for teenagers.

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  5. Meine Englisch Hausaufgaben. They learn how to save and carefully spend money. That strengths their skills for budgeting in the future and protects them from falling in early debts.

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    While they learn how to save, once they have made accumulated enough savings they also learn to cherish the result. An early habit of saving in children leads them to make significant and smarter savings in the future.