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It manipulates citizens fueling prejudice against the Muslim community with articles that use dramatic tones of mere suspicions and accusations Asad , There are numerous campaigns in the West which are against Islam and Muslims and though Muslims try to defend themselves, they cannot compare to the dominance of the western media.

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The media portrays them as terrorists posing a threat to their security. This in most countries has led to Islamophobia and little has been done to change or respond to the negativity Hoffman , They commit violent acts against humanity through mass murder, genocide and slavery. The Boko Haram is another Jihadist movement in Northeastern Nigeria who attack villages killing the inhabitants with guns or burning them alive. They are commonly known for destroying schools and burning students due to their opposition to western education Farrall , The Hezbollah is another terrorist group aimed at expelling all sorts of western presence especially the Americans in Lebanon.

The Taliban are involved in drug and human trafficking and have their origins in the struggle against the Soviet carried out by the United States in Afghanistan. Finally the Al-Qaeda group founded by Osama bin Laden justifies their violence as a form of uniting Muslims in global Jihad as an interpretation of the Sharia law.

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It is extremely influential and carries out suicide missions using suicide bombers Agbiboa , Though religion has been a major factor in contributing to historical conflicts and modern terrorism, war and fighting are human phenomena that are not specific to specific races or ideologies. Corrupt religion has attracted criticism with God being used to justify various forms of cruelty from burning and stoning adulterers to crucifying Jesus Himself.

Terrorism has been influenced by military and economic inferiority which is supported by moral superiority of religion. Religion is not the only cause of conflict but it is important to note that mass murders or war are fought in the name of a greater being bigger than one self. Terrorists may use Islam to justify their acts but this has nothing to do with religion Hoffman , Terrorists are enemies of peace and must be combated.

Islam emphasizes on love for mankind, showing mercy and sympathy which are opposite of terrorist actions. They have repeatedly condemned the horrible murders comparing them to barbarism. Contrary to the sentiments of terrorists as it being an act of freedom for Muslims, Muslims regard them as criminals whose souls belong in Hell.

Following the rise of terrorist activities in recent times, there have been many instances when Muslims have shown that they do not support these acts Sookhdeo , This is shown in social media sites proclaiming that murder and terrorism are not Islam; during the September 11 attacks they donated blood for the victims. There is no religion not only Islam that can allow violence and bloodshed of innocent civilians in the name of God. Jihad and terrorism are two controversial concepts that have been misunderstood and used by terrorists to tarnish Islam by justifying crime.

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The representation of Muslims as terrorists is wrong. This only leads to escalation of racism and Islamophobia. There is a need for effective awareness programs aimed at educating the Non-Muslim community on Islamic concepts which are guided by peace. People need to understand the Islamic concept of Jihad and the political factors driving the acts of terrorism to stop blaming an entire community and religion. History explains far more devastating acts of Mussolini and Hitler who were Christians and these acts were condemned as acts against humanity. However they were not tagged to a specific religion as is the case of Islamic terrorism.

Islam does not condone the killing of innocent people no matter how legitimate a cause is. Terrorizing innocent people is not Jihad and neither is it recognized in Islam teachings. Agbiboa, Daniel E. Journal of Terrorism Research. Asad, Muhammad. Islam at the crossroads. Gibralter: Dar Al-Andalus.

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Gabriel, Mark A. Islam and terrorism. Inside terrorism.

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New York: Columbia University Press. Kepel, Gilles and Peter Clark.

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Asian Affairs. Kepel, Gilles. Jihad: the trial of political Islam. London: I. Lewis, Bernard. The crisis of Islam: holy war and unholy terror. New York: Modern Library. As long as the frustration and alienation exists within certain members of the Muslim community the extremism in the name of Islam whether violent or non-violent is bound to continue. The only way to solve the issue is to shake the ideologies of extreme terrorism by spreading awareness about modernization and western democracy.

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