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The Thesis Proposal. The thesis proposal should include: a background theory a working hypothesis a methodology which should be organized under chapter headings a body of work for analysis a bibliography If your thesis will be presented in an alternate format such as performance , be sure to include this in your proposal.

Documenting the Proposal In order to save time and stress later, it is important to keep a bibliography of articles and other pieces of information that you come across as you do initial library research for your thesis proposal. Here are a few tips: Always keep full bibliographic information author, title, place and date of publication for each source you read.

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Write a full bibliographic reference on the first page of each article you photocopy. Keep a running bibliography up to date. The Ph. Thesis Proposal is essentially a summary of the previous work and the future research that the student expects to carry out and eventually incorporate into a Ph.

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It is assumed that the Ph. Thesis Proposal will be a joint effort on the part of the student and the research supervisor, but that the student plays the major role in the writing and organization of the Proposal. Thesis Proposal is to be presented before the GAC midway through the third year of graduate studies normally held in May for those students admitted in September and December for those admitted in January.

The Research Proposal presentation includes both submission of a written proposal, and an oral presentation to the GAC, which includes an extensive discussion.

The Thesis Proposal

The title of the proposal must be submitted to the Student Affairs Officer SAO five weeks prior to the oral presentation. The complete written proposal must be submitted to the SAO, a minimum of three weeks prior to the oral presentation, for distribution to the GAC. The written proposal should not be more than five 5 single spaced pages describing the research progress to date, and proposed research for the Ph. Partner Fairs. Postgrad Awards. Charities and Trusts. Finding A PhD. Doing a PhD.

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