Long and Short Essay on Forest in English

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Start with the subject, topic and volume, specify the deadline and your academic level. Go to order form. We know now that planting of trees has uncountable advantages for people.

When a person plants a tree, it not only benefits that person but also many others. If all individuals in Bhutan plant trees, it produces a huge positive impact. So keep this in mind and plant trees for Green Bhutan. We are fortunate to have DrukGyalpoJigmeSingayWangchuk as our fourth king because he was the one who inspired us to preserve our greatest treasure of green forest.

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Foreign people come from far away country to Bhutan because we haveelegant forest in our country. Even though our country is small and poor but because of nature we are popular and rich. Bhutan is also one of the first countries in the world to create trust fund dedicated to environment protection. Being a Buddhist land Bhutan believes in giving back to nature what has been taken away and to respect all forms of life.

Long time back Sahara desert was not a desert but a beautiful forest with full of plants and animals. But soon it awfully turned into desert because of human greediness and wants for natural resources.

Forest Restoration Essay

If this happens in our country, people would feel sad for what they have done to the forest. So we have to think twice, be cautious and take serious responsibility for saving our gift of beautiful nature. Being Bhutanese citizens, let us join our hands together and work to make our homes, schools, country and earth green and beautiful by planting more trees. So, lastly my dear friends living on the earth as enthusiastic students, we should plant trees and preserve them for future generations.

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Keep this in mind and act now before it is too late. Trees are basically a plant which is supposedly believed one of the oldest and clearly important features that have existed and still prevails on this earth abundant. In addition to its significant values of air and water for the rest of the depending creatures on earth, it also act as vital factor particular in beautifying mother earth and safe guarding her biodiversity. Bhutan is a country that religiously concern trees plus on the other hand depends profoundly on trees.

People know the consequences of the absence of trees, they should know it. It would result in grave difficulties to all being on earth. Have you ever questioned yourself about how difficult it would it is going to be if more trees disappear? Sometimes do some critical thinking. Trees have consequently started to decrease in quantity and devastating natural calamities are happening on mother earth due to human commercial and home uses. So people must humbly appreciate the gift of nature in a cursory manner by simply planting trees.

Bhutan being mountainous country, mountain would wear down due to the disappearance of trees, since the trees make the soil fixed using their roots. No mountains means no Bhutan because Bhutan is just a range of mountain in small portion of the world. Bhutan is also one of the biological hotspots. Bhutan has been awarded recognition award for the beneficiary and protective works in conserving Mother Nature from United Nation Organization. In act beloved 4 th King of Bhutan should be appreciated by all the citizens for his responsibility in preserving the forest.

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It is mountainous country surrounded by beautiful forest. We are fortunate to be born on this green planet, earth, created by the gods. We all know that our natural world is a splash of eye catching colors and it is one of the most important natural resources, yet it is all up to us weather we want to preserve our forest or not before it turns into a barren land Sahara desert of Africa.

Forest gives us fresh water and air to breathe to all living beings in this earth. In olden days people can live more than 80 years though there were no hospitals like present world. It is mainly because of forest which provides medicinal herbs like Om-rib local medicinal which is used to treat fiver, lungs and liver diseases and other such as Cordyceps Yartse Geonbom which can cure heart diseases and cancer, so it is a rear medicine found on the Himalayan mountain.

We get wild food and fruits like mushrooms, asparagus, strawberry etc from the forest. Our country is rich in forest. People export trees in other countries and make an economic for the country.

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