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The Next Generation Internet aims to interconnect and to make interoperable heterogeneous and smart objects in order to realize the vision of the Internet of Things IoT. The Internet of Things is playing a role more and more important in the daily life of everybody. The opportunity to have smart objects anywhere, as a network of billions or trillions of sensor nodes connected to the Internet, represents a fundamental feature of the digital world to create a better world for human beings, where objects around us knows what we like, what we want, and what we need and act accordingly without explicit instructions.

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The opportunity to implement pervasive environments that are able to detect environmental human behaviour parameters is becoming more attractive for both the academic and the industrial world in many scenarios such as environmental monitoring, building automation, healthcare, smart cities, smart grid, logistics, etc. Zhang et al. The IoT offers a great market opportunity for equipment manufacturers, Internet service providers and application developers. The IoT smart objects are expected to reach billion entities deployed globally by the end of J.

Gantz and D. Reinsel, Emerging hardware and software technologies, such as WSN, embedded systems, mobile App, wearable devices, RFID, NFC, Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, Artificial Intelligence systems, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, are becoming more and more attractive both for the academic and industrial world, since such technological ecosystem enables the development of smart environments and novel services with limited costs Gochhayat et al.

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One of the crucial issues related to the implementation of the IoT technologies is their overall benefit to the society and environmental footprint. Different engineering disciplines are called upon to provide their input, ensure diffusion of fundamental and applied knowledge, and to respond to the present and upcoming challenges, which are typically complex and intertwined. SpliTech conference is a multidisciplinary conference covering a range of topics, but with a focus on smart and sustainable technologies towards the smart and low-carbon development.

Authors who have not attended conference but have suitable papers in hands are also welcome to submit a paper for this virtual Special Volume. This SV is open to all engineering disciplines and a wide range of research topics addressing IoT technologies in general. The main emphasize would be directed to the impact of the IoT technologies on the sustainability and how to ensure gradually and sustainable development, i. Review papers are also accepted with main focus on IoT systems and technologies that needs to have strong link with practical applications in all sectors involved in IoT field.

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The Journal of Cleaner Production is a well-known and important platform for sharing multidisciplinary knowledge, innovations directed to cleaner production and sustainable development. Therefore, this SV encourages submission of cross-disciplinary research work addressing major contemporary issues and exploring solutions to build a sustainable future. Papers should include comprehensive, up-to-date literature reviews, combined with novel theoretical and experimental investigations.

IoT is expected to be a major producer of big data. Sharing and collaboration of data and other resources would be the key for enabling sustainable ubiquitous environments, such as smart cities and societies.

Call for Papers: Journal of Cyber Policy to Publish Special Issue on Internet Consolidation

A timely fusion and analysis of big data, acquired from IoT and other sources, to enable highly efficient, reliable, and accurate decision-making and management of ubiquitous environments would be a grand future challenge. Computational intelligence would play a key role in this challenge Furqan Alam, et al. Smart devices are embedded in the environment to monitor and collect ambient information. In smart cities, intelligent services could be offered on top of such information related to any aspect of humans' activities.

Some examples of services able to guarantee sustainable environments are IoT-enabled waste management, the use of IoT hardware and software technologies for the buildings energy efficiency in terms of reducing energy consumption and improving the internal comfort, smart grids, smart homes, physical security, enhanced street lighting controls, infrastructure monitoring, public safety and surveillance in indoor and outdoor environments.

Emerging ICT technologies are playing more and more a very important role in the Healthcare sector. The efficiency of healthcare infrastructures and biomedical systems is one of the most challenging goals of modern-day society Nguyen et al. In fact, the need of delivering quality care to patients while reducing the healthcare costs and, at the same time, tackling the nursing staff shortage problem is a primary issue.

Furthermore, innovative solutions able to support and improve the elderly people quality of life exploiting emerging technologies enabling the IoT are fundamentals to create the new smart cities, thought also for people no so young. Furthermore, the behavioral analysis of elderly people is an important science aiming to prevent Mild Cognitive Impairment MCI and frailty problems. A fundamental aspect in this context is to explore the use of innovative technologies enabling the Internet of Things IoT , above all sensors, to unobtrusively capture personal data for automatically recognizing behavioral changes in elderly people.

Artificial Intelligence, based on Machine Learning or Deep Learning techniques, represents a valid candidate to face these challenges.

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Smart transportation, also known as intelligent transportation systems, is another important IoT-based application, in which intelligent transportation management, control system, communication networks, and computing techniques are integrated to make transportation systems reliable, efficient, and secure Lin et al.

In the smart transportation system, a large number of smart vehicles are included and connected with each other through wireless networks. Recently, smart vehicles with Self-Driving have been designed and tested. Those smart vehicles can detect objects around them and safely manage speed during traveling without the operation of drivers. IoT-aware technologies such as software architecture based on Cloud-, Edge-or Fog-Computing play a very important role to face these challenges. Another important topic, in the smart transportation field is related to security issue, in particular managed with the block chain approach.

Smart cities can be considered a complex IoT paradigm, which aims to manage public affairs via introducing information and communication technology ICT solutions Zanella et al. Smart cities can use public resources in more efficient ways, resulting in the improvement of the QoSs provided to users and the reduction of operational costs to public administrators.

Smart cities may consist of several sub applications or services, including the smart gird, smart transportation, smart hospital, smart building, smart waste management, environmental monitoring, smart health, smart lighting, etc.

All these sub applications, or services, should be supported by a unified communication network infrastructure, or communication networks designed for these sub applications or services should be interconnected to establish a large-scale interconnected heterogeneous network for IoT applications, with the aim of achieving the best use of public resources in cities Lin et al. Contributors with proposals for papers are encouraged to communicate with the Co-editors by e-mail. The following schedule will guide the development of this VSI:.

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