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Sign up to our newsletter to receive a promo code. Receive discount. Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. This assignment can be adapted for any grade level by adjusting the prompt and outcomes. It can also be adjusted for students without a lot of access to technology by using paper handouts for the pre-write, outline, and even essay. There is not an expectation that all teachers incorporate the podcast or movie versions.

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The plan is to take the idea and adjust it to what you can work with. Groups of students research major historical decisions and choose one to develop a narrative story around using three major characters. Students use Google Forms to choose and plan out their essay. I like Google Forms because I can check the responses quickly in the morning before class and see what students are thinking before class starts- it saves about 10 minutes of time in class. Students use Forms to research the event, each of the three characters, and they will also use Forms to organize their narrative around a plot diagram.

I created a VoiceThread review for them to use.

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Groups will then create one Google Doc to share amongst themselves and me. Within their groups, I had them break into teams to research one of the three characters and then create on outline for that character during the time span that will be narrated in the essay. Students then come back as a group, share and discuss their outlines, and then create one final outline that weaves each of the smaller character outlines into one.

All four of the outlines the three character outlines and one final outline are typed into the original Google Doc that the group has shared with me. Again, the nice part about using Google Docs is that I can monitor progress in class and outside of class. Finally, they begin the rough draft in their Doc on the page after the outlines.

Students actually surround the person typing so everyone can see the screen. Because I do not have a classroom, I could not use computer-based audio programs like Audacity.

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My students were given the option to use VoiceThread or iMovie and create a photo-essay to accompany their audio they can do this on their phones or the class iPods. Before the video is created or the audio has been recorded, students come back to the essay and, as a group, read and edit the story. Once the group is satisfied with the work, they create the podcast and movie and then embed all three elements story, audio, video on a class wiki site I use PBworks.

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