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On the contrary, it is something that they should help nurture positively, through the presence of legal street racing and the providing of assistance and amenities that can make the event safer for everyone involved. Through the efforts to legitimize street racing, the government and the responsible agencies not only give the drivers a safer venue; they also allow more people to enjoy this spectacle and allow a more systematic and safe undertaking of this particular event.

It seems that battling illegal street racing has a solution. It is not the pursuit of drivers running away using cars that are definitely faster than the stock model of the squad cars that cops use in pursuit.

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But, rather, an anticipation of what they will do next so that the government agencies and the street racers can meet in the middle and legitimize street racing. In fact, in some communities, police and city officials have teamed together to sponsor race tracks or legal street races with a safer competitive environment Buzzelli, , p.

But sadly, not every effort to legalize or legitimize street racing was embraced with open arms. Many were reluctant to the offered options and most shy away, keeping themselves in the streets where they prefer to race better. Initially, nobody showed up. Since not everyone who are involved in illegal street racing are focused on racing and driving since there are those who are involved in these groups and in these events because of their penchant for tinkering automobile motors or creating car designs and other car accessories and amenities , it is very likely that when the urge to race has tempered off.

Most of the gathering becomes informal car-themed parties and gatherings. People go there to talk about cars and to compare car settings, to exchange ideas and technologies and how this affects the cars and their performance on the road. Interest in cars is not something innate in everyone, and a person can feel very alienated if he or she has no friends to talk with, especially about cars. These gatherings that feature less races and more socializing and partying is somehow a positive development.

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Illegal street racing and popular mediaStreet racing, including illegal street racing, is one of the newest topics in popular media like the movies, music and even in video games, like Need for Speed. The start of twenty-first century saw the outpouring of films featuring cars and motorcycles illegally racing in streets and talking about their lifestyle and other important aspects of the street racing culture. Indeed, the illegal street racing scene is getting a very big support from popular media.

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Popular music icons, like rappers Ludacris and Ja Rule, appear in street racing movies. Many rap songs allude to or is being used as soundtrack of the street racing culture. But the most significant effort to immortalize street racing and bring it closer to the consciousness of the masses is by featuring it in several movies, like Fast and the Furious. With the influx of many movies, as well as television shows and music videos that feature street racing, it should not be confused that popular media was responsible for the popularity of illegal street racing.

$12,000 STREET RACE - 42 Car Cash Days! [Full Movie]

On the contrary, even before the entry of popular media in this particular sub culture, the illegal street racing is already a very solid and stable sub culture attended by rich, talented and competitive drivers and wagers. These movies, as well as the proliferation of illegal street racing themes in popular media, however, propelled the further increase in the followers of this sub culture.

More and more people become interested. Those who do not know that there is avenue for them where they can be of much use suddenly saw opportunities in the illegal street racing world, like tuners, decal makers, car designers, grease monkeys, speed demons and everything else in between. Lieberman notes that while some serious tuners found the cars a bit overdone and dismissed the criminal-activities angle Buzzelli, , p. The two also believed that street racing is a key precursor to further violence and criminal acts among racers, drivers and those involved in this subculture, listing the possible criminal actions that street racers are often involved with, from auto theft to insurance fraud.

If there was any negative impact that these movies and the entry of street racing in popular media, it is the inclusion of the image that illegal street racing is also a touch point towards other different criminal activities like theft, highway robbery, drugs and carnapping, which is not always true and is very difficult to prove. There are no strong evidences linking street racing to other forms of illegal activities save for illegal betting which happens every race.

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The attachment of the criminal image to street racing maybe one of the reason why both sides are finding it hard for street racing to surface from its sub culture status and become legitimized. Words: Category: Database Pages: The car setup involves tire pressure, down force, wedge, aerodynamic Drag, camber, track bar and valance. The scoring system also uses math. In addition to scoring math is also used to measure different racing related subjects such as car weight, gas mileage time interval, qualifying, and the track characteristics.

Tire pressure is used as a setup tool that is akin to adjusting spring rates in the vehicles suspension. Increasing the air pressure in the tires raises the spring rate in the tire itself and changes the vehicles handling characteristics. In order for optimal performance the teams must know the proper p. This air pushes the car downwards which creates the term downforce. The greater the psi the greater the downforce which creates better tire grip for higher speeds through Last, Omit Titles and Degrees] [Institutional Affiliation s ] This paper is a presentation of the experience at a drag racing event as a spectator.

Drag racing is a relatively less famous event among car racing fraternity. This is mostly because it is usually organized for recreation and is not really considered as a matter of prestige to win unlike other sports. The race has both two wheeler and four wheeler versions of it and the four wheeler version, generally with cars is more famous than the motor cycle race. Having said that, there are many takers for the two wheelers races too.

Drag racing rules are the simplest possible rules for any game. The drivers keep accelerating till they reach the finish line and one who reaches the finish line first is declared as the winner. The races are usually held in drag strips that adhere to all the rules and regulations for safety as followed world wide. The strips are designed in such a way that they adhere to the safety guidelines for both drivers and spectators.

Drivers as such do not need any special skill for participating or even winning a drag race. While experiencing a drag race live, you cannot help but notice the way the participants are called for the race. The order is not random and follows a specific set of rules. The process is briefly explained as following Easier to read and more fun to discuss.

In this case, Carter Racing was faced with a decision to race or not to race. We believe that the engine failure is correlated to the temperature and we have a scatterplot to help visualize this. Still, we have other pressing matters concerning our financial position. As a business student, my inclination is to valuate this decision based on monetary value and had set up a decision tree. This tree showed that the value of winning well exceeded the cost of losing or not racing. But in a business setting, not racing, I incur more costs and fail to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me.

Race time is in one hour.

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Part II I need help. The guy has been in the racing game since he was 16, after dropping out of high school. His opinion Racing Today motorsports is leading sport activates. Each car must have at least three stock parts: the hood, roof, and the trunk. Each engine for the cars is similar but has different parts that make them different.

Tires are very different from our street tires. They are wider and have tougher material because of the The writer makes use of the convention, choice of language by addressing the reader directly and using emotive language to convey his message to the reader. By addressing the reader directly the writer is able to speak to the reader more personally then if he were using more generic terminology in his article.

This will help to draw the reader into the text and allow them to view the opinions presented in the text in a more empathetic way.

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The author chooses to use emotive language to help support and emphasise his opinion on whips in horse racing. He achieves this by using very graphic words to instil with the reader how unacceptable the actions of those he opposes are. Home Page Other Topics.

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Need for speed : street racing in Hong Kong from the perspective of street racers. DC Field Value Language dc. It refers to an illegal form of car racing that takes place on highways or public roads. It is considered as one of the extreme outdoor activities. It either causes personal safety or public safety concerns in many cities around the world.