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The right topic will be something that stands out to you. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Correspondence to: Mohammad Rastegari, MSc. E-mail: ri. Received Aug 9; Accepted Oct 4. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. Keywords: Veterans, spinal cord complications, community health nursing care.

Methods The present research is of a semi-experimental kind. Results 26 WWS with spinal cord complications were studied in this research.

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Table 1 The frequency distribution of means of motion on the basis of the damage spot in the WWS suffering from the spinal cord complications studied in Najaf Abad City. Open in a separate window.

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Table 2 the frequency distribution of urinal infection among the WWS studied in Najaf Abad City before and after the intervention of community health nurse care management at home. Diagram 1.

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Table 3 the frequency distribution of variables regarding the identification of the bacterial infection among the WWS suffering from spinal cord complications in Najaf Abad City. Table 4 the frequency distribution of bedsore among the WWS suffering from spinal cord complications in Najaf Abad City before and after the intervention of community health nurse care management at home.

Diagram 2. Discussion Garber et al assessed the disability amount and mortality rate among the WWS suffering from spinal cord complications through a future-oriented year study in and found out that the most important cause of disability and mortality among the WWS is Sepsis and the main reason for this problem is due to urinal infections. Acknowledgments I see it incumbent upon myself to appreciate all the colleagues at the Rehabilitation Center of Shahid Rajaee, Najaf Abad, the dear and patient WWS who suffer from spinal cord complications in Najaf Abad City, the reverent Deputy of Shahed Department at Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, the Research Deputy of the WWS Foundation of Isfahan and all the dear ones who assisted us in doing the present study and also send peaces to their patience and ask God for bestowing heal to them.

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Ups J Med Sci. Vaidyanathan S, Soni BM. Antibiotic therapy for patients with spinal cord injury undergoing urologic procedures. Adv Ther. Doherty W.

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