Although this initial introduction to Hamlet provides the perfect recipe for a tragic hero, he eventually falls from his virtue into a spiral of corruption. He spends several months grieving in a depression, which he attempts to explain to Claudius and Gertrude:. In this extreme display of emotion, Hamlet recognizes that his sadness is not only shown in his physical appearance, but that it runs much deeper than anyone can see.

Hamlet contemplates suicide, and insists that his life is meaningless:. Suicide, along with murder, is one of the ultimate forms of physical corruption. He refuses to speak to anyone but Hamlet, and when they are finally alone, the ghost tells Hamlet his side of the story. The two minor characters are summoned to Denmark by Claudius, who seems to be the ultimate coordinator of all things evil. They are sent to spy on Hamlet for the king and queen, and they willingly carry out their deceitful duty without any misgivings:.

Hamlet easily sees through their disguises and realizes that two of his best friends are working for the man he hates most, Claudius.

Hamlet tragic hero nobility

Hamlet admits that he is going crazy, driven by his outrage and growing corruption stemming from his surrounding friends and family. Hamlet cannot be considered a tragic hero not only because of the corruptive influence that he receives, but also because of his response to this surrounding evil. Rather than ignoring the corruption that is all around him, or recognizing the evilness and vowing not to let it affect him, Hamlet internalizes the wickedness and allows it to prevail within his character. While Hamlet is entreating his mother to break up with Claudius, he stabs Polonius, who is hiding behind a curtain.

Hamlet does not apologize or express horror at his own lack of sound judgment, indicating both moral and physical corruption. Although Hamlet claims to love his mother, he is very cruel to her, which seems unfair because Gertrude has always loved and stood up for Hamlet. This malicious manner towards Gertrude indicates deep emotional corruption, which causes Hamlet to berate his own mother, who cares for him dearly. Hamlet tells his own girlfriend that she is unfit for marriage, and that she will have a bad reputation wherever she goes.

He also insinuates that she should never have children, because they would be sinners III. Through his merciless insults and the murder of Polonius, Hamlet causes Ophelia to go mad and eventually commit suicide. Horatio, who stands in sharp contrast to Hamlet, depicts a real hero, rather than a fallen hero who has succumbed to the evil pressures around him. He is a good listener, an honest man, and a concerned, loyal friend who truly cares for Hamlet. Horatio is reasonable and sensible throughout the entire play, begging Hamlet to follow the virtuous traits he once possessed.

Just before the swordfight with Laertes, Hamlet reveals that he has an ominous feeling about the near future. He foolishly values his pride over his life, and insists that he will fight, even if it leads to his death. Hamlet begins the play as a possible tragic hero, but as he interacts with corrupt characters, his traits become more and more tainted until his potential for heroism disintegrates completely. Although Hamlet is depicted at first as a seemingly normal, though depressed, man, he is influenced by his relationships with Claudius, the ghost, Rosencrantz, and Guildenstern until his old virtues are no longer recognizable.

His evil actions, whether with Polonius, Gertrude, or Ophelia, further ingrain the corruption within him. By the end of the play, Hamlet no longer has any traits of a hero, but rather seems to be more of a villain, full of immoral, evil thoughts and devoid of his former inner goodness. DiYanni, Robert. McGraw Hill Higher Education, Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

As a preemptive, I am being graded on this critique. Please respond if you see this; it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I would like to begin by saying that, with the vast knowledge base that is the internet, any claim can be backed.

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That in mind, I would like to bring to the foreground a statement you made very early in your argument - "Many critics believe that Hamlet The real issue at hand is how this information was presented; You presented the following matter as one of fact. In cases such as this, it would help your credibility greatly if you made it clear that the thoughts you are currently express are merely opinions -.

They will simply be contrary opinions. Hamlet was, of course, indecisive - A tragic character to be certain. His play became popular because of its unending wit, its profligate wanton, and of course, Hamlet was among the first of its kind to make its roles relatable to its audience. But no. Hamlet was no hero.

Hamlet's Tragic Flaw

Were he a hero, I believe it would have undermined the entire message that Shakespeare intended to proliferate. The true weight behind Hamlet's character came, not of heroism, neither insanity nor his quiet fervor - but of the powerful and striking truth behind his one ultimate flaw:. I believe that Shakespeare knew what he was doing. His heavily faulted character was intentional; placed for power, and a punch to the gut.

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Hamlet's Tragic Flaw essays

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Hamlet Is Not a Tragic Hero

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What Is Hamlet's Tragic Flaw?